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Removal firm in Guildford, a company with experience 

Kelly’s was founded in 1937 as a furniture removal firm based in Guildford, Surrey.  The original owner, Mr Kelly was contracted by a local furniture retailer to distribute new home furnishings to their customers.  He was very good at this work and the relationship lasted many years.  Eventually Mr Kelly sold his removal firm to his customer, the furniture retailer which was owned by the Martin family.  The 3rd generation members of the Martin family are involved in running the business today but now with a much expanded service offering.

Things have moved on quite dramatically over the years, the original values of customer service are still maintained but now within a high tech, sophisticated operational environment.   

We think Mr Kelly would have been most impressed with modern removal firm in Guildford.

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Furniture Storage Helps House Sales.

During a slow moving house market, furniture storage can be an excellent tool to speed up property sale transactions.  Firstly for sellers, the opportunity to de-clutter the home will improve the presentation and help the 'blank canvass' appeal those potential buyers are naturally attracted to.  In addition, short term storage can also be helpful if you need to redecorate the home.  Repainting the walls with a neutral colour such as magnolia is an excellent way to quickly and economically freshen the place up and remove current personalised decor (you might like it but your buyers might not). The second benefit of furniture storage is to break the dreaded 'house sale chain'.  By putting your home effects into storage you can make your property immediately available to any buyer which can be a great attraction to them.  In addition, you then become a 'cash buyer' for your next home which aids your negotiating position and will help secure the property of your dreams. Kelly's offer a variety of different removals and storage services to suit all budgets and needs, from basic DIY storage through to fully managed relocation.  Call us now for a quote and let us be your relocation partner.

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