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How to Tell if a Removal Review is Fake

Many people say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you’re ever going to have to do in your life. It’s time-consuming, causes a lot of hassle and is likely to be the cause of a lot of headaches. That goes for London removals in general, whether it’s a home removal or you’re moving office. Moving jobs based around London are especially tough. London, being the capital, is a thriving bustling city. But people in London lead hectic lives. It’s tough trying to fit in a house moving task in amongst busy working lives.

That’s because there’s plenty of things that need to be addressed. During house removals to London, you’re going to have an almighty moving checklist. Ticking things off is going to take some time. One aspect of the move that you should get to sooner rather than later, is finding a removals company. Hiring removal services in London should be pretty high up your moving checklist. It’s also bound to take some time. That is if you do things properly.

One way that people find out whether or not a removal company is right for them, is by looking at reviews and testimonials. Reading what their previous clients have had to say will give you a good indication as to whether or not the moving company is right for you. Reading about their experiences, the standard of their moving services and the level of customer satisfaction, from real people, is a great way to ascertain how good the company really is. But the key thing there is ‘real people’. You want to read reviews from real people. Some reviews out there are fakes. Some companies employ other companies or individuals to write reviews that will bolster their profiles. But how do you decipher whether or not such a review is real or a fake?

  • Call the company up and speak to them yourself. If a company gets such a glowing review, their professionalism and level of expertise should come across right away. Within a couple of minutes of speaking to their representatives, you should have an idea whether they are what they claim they are, just by the questions they ask and the responses they give to yours.


  • There’ve been studies conducted and researchers have concluded that around a third of all reviews posted online are fakes. Even reviews and testimonials posted on third-party sites tend to be from marketers, reviews posted at the behest of the companies themselves. Plenty of research has been conducted on the matter of fake reviews. It’s resulted in researchers starting to create algorithms to detect the fakes. There are a number of these sites out there. Simply copy and paste the review to the site, and by picking up on certain words, the site will tell you whether or not the review is a fake.



  • There are certain words, phrases and types of punctuation that you should look out for. If the person creates a massive backstory and keeps referring to another person such as their husband or wife, this means it’s more likely that the review is going to be fake. An excess of positive emotion, including the frequent use of exclamation marks, means in all likelihood, the review is a fake.


  • Click on the profile of the person who wrote the review. If that’s the only review that they’ve written, that’s not a good sign. Also, if their profile says that they’ve only written five-star reviews, then it indicates that the review is a fake, or that they’re far to easily pleased. Either way, it’s not a review that you want to be paying attention to.


Check out if the person actually lives, or lived in London. That should be easy enough to find out. It should say on their profile. If they live somewhere else, it may indicate the review’s a fake.

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Furniture Storage Helps House Sales.

During a slow moving house market, furniture storage can be an excellent tool to speed up property sale transactions.  Firstly for sellers, the opportunity to de-clutter the home will improve the presentation and help the 'blank canvass' appeal those potential buyers are naturally attracted to.  In addition, short term storage can also be helpful if you need to redecorate the home.  Repainting the walls with a neutral colour such as magnolia is an excellent way to quickly and economically freshen the place up and remove current personalised decor (you might like it but your buyers might not). The second benefit of furniture storage is to break the dreaded 'house sale chain'.  By putting your home effects into storage you can make your property immediately available to any buyer which can be a great attraction to them.  In addition, you then become a 'cash buyer' for your next home which aids your negotiating position and will help secure the property of your dreams. Kelly's offer a variety of different removals and storage services to suit all budgets and needs, from basic DIY storage through to fully managed relocation.  Call us now for a quote and let us be your relocation partner.

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