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Moving to Barnes with Kids - 5 Helpful Tips

Moving home with kids is not the easiest task for a family, especially if you are in a hurry to do it. One thing you have to learn from the get go is that you need to be patient no matter what happens. Unless you are rushing because of Barnes man with a van booking, you need to slow down, calm down, and think carefully. Too much haste will have you forgetting key elements of the move which you will later bitterly regret. Also, Barnes won’t go anywhere while you are organising your house relocation. Take a deep breath, make your moving checklist, call your man and van company and consider these five tips on how to make moving to Barnes with kids a little less stressful on everyone involved:

#1 – Get the Kids Involved

If the kid can walk and carry things, then he or she can be of help. Get the kids helping to keep them occupied and to keep them under surveillance at all times. This is a tricky way to always keep a watchful eye over them throughout the house removals without them knowing that they are doing your dirty work. This is an educational experience and they can actually be pretty helpful in certain regards, such as packing their own toybarness.

#2 – Pack the Kids’ Room Last

Don’t make immediate changes. Changes confuse children and you do not want to do that. Instead, do it gradually. That means that when you do start packing, you should make sure that everything is being packed except for the kids’ room. You don’t have to get them out of their comfort zone too early and you can afford to get to moving day before the man and van Barnes takes their things to your new address. You can pack that room when the time to deal with the essentials comes – usually on the moving day itself.

#3 – Unpack the Kids’ Room First

When the man and van company gets you to your new home in Barnes, start with unpacking and organising the new kids’ room before you unpack anything else. Bring back the kids’ comfort zone and let them have a familiar setting while learning to adapt to the new place. Getting used to something new takes time with kids, so you want them to have a familiar place where they can stay if they are not yet ready to cope with the changes. And don’t worry if they are not coping initially – they will get used to it in time.

#4 – Bring the Kids to Barnes before the Move

A good way to help the kids adapt to their new surroundings and the changes brought along by the move faster is to bring them to the new home and then have a walk around the new area. Take them to see some of the landmarks, their future schools, the playgrounds, the parks, everything that will familiarise them with the new setting and what they will have to deal with once the man and van service does its job. Show them what awaits them in Barnes and that they actually don’t miss a thing and it won’t be that much different to the old home.

#5 – Keep the Kids Occupied

When kids face change, they react emotionally. One way to avoid that is the same way adults dodge their own emotional problems: by working and having some physical activity occupy their thoughts and keep their minds off the change. Keep them entertained with a task, such as helping with the packing, labelling the cardboard boxes, or decorating them with their crayons. A busy kid is a happy kid, and a happy kid means more time for you to focus on the moving process.

While not the easiest task to manage, moving house with kids does not have to be a trial and the best thing about it is that the kids get a useful educational experience. All you need is a proper man with van to get the job done and a proper lesson for the kids and then everything is good to go.

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Furniture Storage Helps House Sales.

During a slow moving house market, furniture storage can be an excellent tool to speed up property sale transactions.  Firstly for sellers, the opportunity to de-clutter the home will improve the presentation and help the 'blank canvass' appeal those potential buyers are naturally attracted to.  In addition, short term storage can also be helpful if you need to redecorate the home.  Repainting the walls with a neutral colour such as magnolia is an excellent way to quickly and economically freshen the place up and remove current personalised decor (you might like it but your buyers might not). The second benefit of furniture storage is to break the dreaded 'house sale chain'.  By putting your home effects into storage you can make your property immediately available to any buyer which can be a great attraction to them.  In addition, you then become a 'cash buyer' for your next home which aids your negotiating position and will help secure the property of your dreams. Kelly's offer a variety of different removals and storage services to suit all budgets and needs, from basic DIY storage through to fully managed relocation.  Call us now for a quote and let us be your relocation partner.

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